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About us

Charitable Association Free Ukraine Global is a non-profit organization founded by three Ukrainian women Yana Pavlova, Anastasia Dziuba and Elena Voronina based in Zug, Switzerland.

Our mission is to provide support and assistance to those in need in Ukraine through our charitable initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

With a dedicated team of volunteers and partners, we work to address important social issues such as poverty, education, health, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the most important areas of human life. By promoting sustainable development and fostering a spirit of compassion, we strive to create a brighter future for all. Join us in our mission to make a difference and help build a better world.


Main Mission

Charitable Association Free Ukraine Global aims to provide vital medical supplies and equipment to underserved regions in Ukraine.

With headquarters based in Switzerland, Free Ukraine Global Association benefits from a strategic location that enables effective coordination and collaboration with partners, both locally and internationally. Leveraging their networks and expertise, the association seeks to foster partnerships with various stakeholders, including charitable foundations, healthcare providers, educational institutions, business associations and governmental bodies.

Through collaborative partnerships and a commitment to making a difference, Association Free Ukraine Global  strives to uplift communities and create a better future.

Association Free Ukraine Global  encourages individuals, organisations and businesses to join their cause and contribute to their ongoing efforts. By making donations, volunteering time and expertise, or partnering with the association, supporters can play an active role in transforming the lives of those in need.


Focus Areas for Impact

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Healthcare Assistance

We are committed to providing crucial medical aid to hospitals in Ukraine, supporting their efforts in the face of challenging circumstances. Our initiative aims to deliver essential supplies, equipment and resources to bolster the healthcare infrastructure.

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Elevate Your Startup

Providig services to support and raise funds for a specific cause or projects. These services include organizing fundraising events, distributing donations, providing volunteer opportunities, offering resources and support to motivated communities. 

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Supporting Change Together

Provides services and support for various social causes and nonprofit organizations. These services include fundraising, community outreach, volunteer coordination and legal support. The goal is to promote and support charitable efforts and make a positive impact. 

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Compassionate Giving Solutions

Harness the power of compassion through our customized solutions that uplift communities and people in need. Our commitment goes beyond philanthropy; it's a transformative journey where your generosity becomes a catalyst for positive change. Discover the profound impact of compassion and join us in building a more vibrant and compassionate world.

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Education Programs

Experience the power of education through dynamic programs that tailor learning to individual needs. From skill-building initiatives to fostering for lifelong learning, education programs aim to equip learners with the tools they need to thrive. Join us in shaping a future where education is a force for empowerment and positive change in the Globe.

Executed Projects

Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance

In June 2023, two Swiss Charitable Associations,   "Free Ukraine Global" and "Mriya Ukraina" successfully delivered  Aid of crucial medical supplies to the Charitable Foundations "Vtobi.Ukraine" and "Vartovi Dobra" in Kharkiv. The delivered equipment primarily focused on addressing the urgent needs of wounded individuals, specifically targeting measures to stop bleeding, including blood infusion equipment, tourniquets and others.

Medical aid Ukraine

Medical aid Ukraine

Charitable Associations Free Ukraine Global and Mriya Ukraina procured the required medicines from Switzerland and expedited their shipment to Ukraine. By mid-August 2023, these medications were successfully delivered to the dedicated team at NGO «Ordinary People» in Kharkiv. From there, they were promptly distributed to the resilient individuals and families residing in the de-occupied territories.

Medical Support Ukraine

Medical Support Ukraine

In October 2023, two Swiss Charitable Associations, Free Ukraine Global and Mriya Ukraina, successfully delivered 10 boxes of crucial medical supplies to the Charitable Foundations «Unity and Strength» and NGO «Ordinary People» in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The delivered medical humanitarian aid in the form of medicines and other essentials is primarily aimed at meeting the urgent needs of people living on the frontline territories.

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